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  1. Here's an e-mail I received from Ric Sena regarding his Alegria parties that he hosted at Studio: Now the bad news: I’ve been waiting patiently for news regarding the venue’s renovation schedule so I could pass the information to you. Unfortunately, I was told yesterday that Club Mansion will not be ready in time for our Labor Day event as previously scheduled. I know many of you will not be happy about this and I promise you I’m not happy either. Labor Day is one of the biggest Alegria events of the year and also my favorite one of all. Mansion will reopen in early October, so the first Alegria at the newly renovated venue will be ALEGRIA HALLOWEEN 4, on Sunday, October 28th. Tickets for Alegria Halloween 4 will go on sale on September 4th, online at www.alegriaevents.com or at our ticket outlets in New York City.
  2. Jr Vasquez had a stroke??

    seems like the same goes for junior vasquez and his camp. also do you realize that everytime you respond to this post it jumps back to the top of the messages? if you really wanted to stop the negative postings about junior i would think you would stop drawing attention to it.
  3. Vibe / Victor

    i thought victor played a great set, he dropped Nelly Furtado's Say It Right, twice but at 12:00 the house lights came on and victor got on the mic and said the party had to end. i can't believe the party ended like that with a packed club. the coat check line was a mess on the way out. if you know you're going to be closing the club at a certain time and see that the club is full you think they would of had the common sense to try and organize the coat check before they make everyone leave. it was a bad way to start off a supposed new club.
  4. i thought Junior was talking to Twilo about spinning there? what happened with that?
  5. Calderone @ Crobar 6/24?

    that was from an e-mail i received from Victor. i'm on his mailing list. he's going on around 2 and ending around 10. he ends his party early on gay pride so everyone can go enjoy the parade.
  6. Calderone @ Crobar 6/24?

    Hi, Join Me Saturday June 24th Gay Pride Weekend @ Crobar NY, With Guest Dj Peter Bailey. I will be on the decks by 2am and the event will be closing by 10am.. SEE YA ON THE DANCE-FLOOR-!!!!!! Peace, Vic