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  1. It's Cinco De Mayo...

    Isn't your baby daddy a spic? shouldn't you know when Cinco De Mayo is?
  2. Hey Guys!!!

    oh shit my bad i thought this was that Jersey whore deelite or whatever her name is. wud up deedee. got any pics you can hook a brutha up with? DIPSET!!!
  3. Hey Guys!!!

  4. Anyone notice

    yo thats my mans and shit fuck jay-z ya dig
  5. CURTTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! http://www.defsounds.com/news/view/876-cam-ron-curtis-video-5-cent-diss.html
  6. Wuts good that right ya boi in this bitch. Holla at cha boi ya dig. Dipset All Day Every Day