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  1. Fuckin CP.....

    cp seriously hasn't changed... lol... wassup people.
  2. congrats kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Interesting...regarding medical industry

    this is a pretty silly argument. but you're entitled. peace.
  4. Interesting...regarding medical industry

    alright, you have a right to your opinion. but who's to say all this current crap in the medical industry is really helping people? i guess in the end, it's up to an individual to decide what's right for them or not...but i know that all these new pills and crap coming out all can't be good for you.
  5. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2007/07/30/most-astonishing-health-disaster-of-the-20th-century.aspx
  6. omg.....LOOOOOOOOOOL. i watched this while my mum was like in the next room :funny:
  7. Random Thoughts #3

    Listening to Northern Exposures (Sasha and Digweed) CD1 on http://di.fm.... bloody amazing... haven't heard this in like 5 years.... never stops being good!
  8. Little Girl rollin on E

    how do you find this shit, quoth...really sad and effed up people like this make humanity suck even more
  9. i can't quite figure out if that person in your sig is a man or a woman
  10. ain't nothing like west coast beaches...east coast...can't hang...sorry to say...i've only been to brighton beach once last year and that was just so we could get some russian food....what a disaster!
  11. Omg Lol

    who left. oh well.
  12. Omg Lol

    where's gmccookny, dgmodel, and bigpoppanils...holla
  13. LOL can you believe i've never been to the jersey shore....it just looks so nasty....
  14. what an ass so sad....this will sound bad, but if all the fucked up people in the world killed themselves, maybe the world would be a better place...but that's a pipedream...and how would you know who's fucked up and who's not...well, anyways, this world is going to shit as we speak so we might as well brace ourselves...