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Fed Up!


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i'm so fed up with school. I can't wait until this is all over.

Final exams are comming up and i'm knee deep in assignments.

i'm slowly losing my motivation. this sucks :(:mad:

anyone else feel like they just wont make it some days?

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yeah i know, i have final exams right now (the german "abitur" if that says anything to you). wrote 4h german test yesterday, 5h english test today, will write 4h math test tomorrow and 5h biology test on monday. talking about fed up :)

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I haven't been to school in about four years. let me tell u enjoy it while u can, cause when u'll start working forget about choosing your own schedule and having 4 months off, it's all going to be 5 days a week 8 hours a day HELL, with 2 weeks vacation, and five sick days.

Not exactly a booster of your mood, but the harsh reality makes me miss the days of school.

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actually i took over a year off school to "figure out what i want to do with my life". I prefered working, honestly. I didn't mind going to work eight hours a day because once you get home there isn't anything left to do. No homework, no studying no late night sitting infront of the computer typing up a paper..

What people don't realize is that school is more than a full time job it's a total way of life. Students don't have time for anything, i wish i could go out at night for drinks with my friends but I have to get home and study for a psychology exam..

i guess either way there are pros and cons..

the grass is always greener on the other side.

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Make it stop! Make it stop! Yeah, school sucks like there's no tomorrow. What can we do about it? There is the option of dropping out which seems very enticing right about now, but hell, I know I would regret such a decision in a few years. So I guess the only option is to bitch bitch and bitch some more and bite the bullet.


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lifes a bitch then you marry one and die.

If your not having any fun whats the f'in point?

Sure your working hard now so you can relax later.

But if you drive yourself into the ground.

Not going to be much later then will there?

But bite the bullet as they say.

Finals are a pain.

Itll all be worth it.

This is civilizations game.

Play hard...play to win.


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