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come on now

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i´m not gay?!

i just went to a club with a few girls i haven´t seen in months, two of them (seperately) asked me if i was gay? wtf? i asked them why they had the impression i was gay (i am not) and they told me i was like the only male that wouldn´t talk about his girls so they concluded i had none and i had so many same interests as them. lol. after i told them i am straight and kinda proved it to them (i got one of them lying in my bed asleep right now) they believed it but wtf? just because i have like some same interests as them like fashion, exclusive food, fitness studio i´m gay?

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Originally posted by hardtopleaz

hehe.. that's EXACTLY what i was thinking.. cause its kind of hard (unless ya know the guy) to justify what his friends said :half:

tastey just wants us all to know that he had his willy yanked :)

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