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War Of The Roses...

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heres the situation... friend of mine calls me up early this morning with this situation...

Scenario Starts like this... (engaged couple, soon to be married, live together...)

normal friday... normal routine... throughout the course of the day, they spoke to each other... and he was coming home earlier then she was... so he asked do you want me to cook dinner for us? and she said no, im going out for happy hour and ill bring dinner home for us... so he agrees and doesnt cook... and sits at home waiting for her to come back home and blah blah blah... so it gets rather late, she comes home and no explanation no anything... just a doggie bag with a 1/4 of a quessadilla... (now keep in mind normally this woulnd be a huge deal, but a. my boy hates mexican food, and b. she said shed bring home dinner) they got into a lil argument which was like something along the lines of if you wouldve told me this i wouldve made dinner myself... blah blah blah etc... then it escalated into a huge argument, and he wound up going to go get dinner... and come back... when he came back the dog and the girl are gone... now he hasnt heard from her in almost 24hrs... called all her friends houses, spoke to her bestfriend, and noone knows where she is... now he is furiuos/sad... and doesnt know what to do...

he now calls me up tells me this and thinks hes going to call it all off... and move out, break up, and so forth... now what are you feelings on this situation... what should he do and are they both overreacting? or is this just lil things that built up and finally thats the straw that broke the camels back... or what... so whats your input???

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I don't think he's over reacting because afterall like you said they're living together and are planned to get married. I think it's his right to know whats going on since this girl basically gave him the rest of her life.

If she's getting cold feet about the situation and resorts to taking off like that then maybe he should rethink what he's getting himself into. If this girl gets frightened to the point that she's going to take off then I don't think it's going to be that healthy of a relationship for him. God, I wouldn't want to be with someone knowing that at any moment they could disapear again.

I know they aren't married yet or anything but imagine if they have kids and one day she feels like she can't take it anymore or is just overwhelmed which happens often to people with kids.. What if she takes off then??

I don't think he's over reacting and if I were in that situation i'd go out of my way to find out what was going on. Afterall, I wouldn't want to have to sit there not knowing whats up and if the other person wanted to back out then i'd prefer to find out right away instead of have to suffer and then be told that marriage was out of the question.

My advice on the situation is that he should find out whats up as soon as he can. Instead of sitting there waiting for her he should try and find her and find out why she did so this way if it is because she wants out, he can atleast start rebuilding his life.

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