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end of the simpsons?

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The final episode of the Simpson's would have to be something dramatic. They do that with all last episodes. I also believe that the last episode of the Simpson's (which I hope never comes) will have more viewers than both MASH and Cheers combined.

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Guest jroo

because the simpsons didnt win an emmy or whatever award it is for tv for animated series. mat figures this is a good time as any to just die out. dont worry im sure that it will always be on tv, re runs but i'll still be on. i will seriously miss them. and futurama SUCKS ASS. what a horrible fucking show. the family guy was a pretty funny show, and they keep cutting that one. that is the only show worthy of backing up the simpsons after they are gone, nothing can replace them though. anyway....

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Actually the Simpson's has been slacking the past 2 years or so. I'll always have a soft spot for it in my heart, but if Marge keeps spoutin off those wack lines ("Marge is in da house") then it HAS to come to an end.

I"m enjoying the double reruns that show everyday moreso than the Sunday episodes.

Just facing reality.

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