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300 MG deca

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In order to prevent deca dick. I would stack it with test.

deca 300 mg per week.

test 300-500 per week.

liquidex at .5 eod

You could run this cycle for up to 10 weeks with no probs. Have clomid on hand post cycle to get your nuts up and going again.



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the only 300mg per CC deca i ever saw was from Tokyo label (same label that Ketamine comes from)

and I did it, and it was the best Deca I ever did, hence the fact it's the most mg per CC i ever got ahold of.

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there are 2 companies that make 300mg deca right now.

#1 is tokkyo out of mexico. the stuff is pretty good and cheap. However it is underdosed. some bottles have 10 ml in them and then you get some that only have 8. Decent street price for that deca is $150/bottle

#2 is Quality Vet out of mexico. Its decently new kind. It has a lil better rep then tokkyo deca right now. its also lil more expensive $175 would be the highest street price id pay.

As far as stacking for bulk use deca and sust or dbol(there are many different kinds of dbol not only the pink ones)

Deca will cause some water retention so its not the best cutting drug. However if youre looking for more quality results use it with winstrol or anavar.

have fun


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