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anyone ever have mono?


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my gf just got it, high temperture, feelin like shit. i dont think i have it cause its been a few weeks, and im fine like wine. just wondering, i did some research on this infectious mononucleosis, and it says that mono can be passed on just through casual conversation, or touching an infected persons drink or items. i was a bit suspicious at first, i mean i never had mono, and i thought that you only get it through sexual contact.

apperently 90% of US population has the mono virus antibodies developed from the young age, and only 2% ever get the infection.

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thanx kat, my buddy was assuring me that she was kissing around, which made me really paranoid. you are probably right, its a contagious virus, so she could have picked it up by airborne or other ways. im gonna go get checked out this week. i feel bad for her, she is in the hospital with absolutely no music to listen to. :(

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yep, i had mono three years ago and I was sick for 3 months :(

you should really get checked out cause the doctor told me that mono is in your system three weeks before it actually start affecting you're health.

and as for contracting it, i got it from sharing a drink with a friend..

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