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EVER WONER who has a BAD smelling DICK?


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I know quoth is the candidate... his smells like a hospital mr. clorox smell..... clubkat told me.....


But, Yes, sometimes guys DICKS DO SMELL!! Must be sweaty down there or someone hasn't washed too well?

Or cuz it's uncircumsized? (sp?)

Or cuz too much hair?


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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Nice thread.

for inquiring minds

A)im shaven


C)ball sweat odor free..ask my girl next time you see me and her at a meetup..she will gladly tell you. ;)

But to stick up for my fellow dicks...some guys are just dirty motherfuckers....ESPECIALLY ones who dont get play much....names will not be mentioned for reduction of further embaressment. :D

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Originally posted by rachel1997

you know you like me sticking my finger up your asshole....


oh shit...i have to admit that was really funny :laugh:

Fuckin Toolord with Rachels finger in his ass

oh yes..the photoshop edit WILLLLLLLL BE SOON!!!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA

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