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how much is everyone paying for k now?

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Originally posted by stonedcl

Just bumped into a kid who had yellow labels for $100..

I dont fuck with it so I would not know if that was a good price!

i think he's bullshitting...alot of people can say this and that if they have it, its another story. and if he does...cheers for him cuz that shit is not easy to come by.

liqs i move at 60-65

jars inside clubs - 40-50

jars outside clubs - 25-30

it cost u for me to sneak it in, or do i sneak it in? hrmm:confused: :confused: :confused: ;) ;) ;)

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Originally posted by trajik

We're going through a really bad kitty drought down here right now.. my friend just paid $250 for 4 jars... *cringes*

god damn, i am sorry brother, in hudson county i am paying 55 a liq, 35-40 a jar

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