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candy flipping


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Back where I'm from they call it trolling....

Anyhow, I'd say take half a hit of acid first, wait about 20 minutes, then take a pill and the other half of the acid. A couple drinks in between for good measure will leave you partying hardy all night....

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You'll get MUCH stronger visuals if you take the acid first. When I would indulge in 'cid, I would start tripping about an hour after I dosed, at which point I took my roll. That way, I'd already be peaking by the time the e hit me. And once that roll hits- watch out! :eek: :eek:

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Originally posted by shroomy

Let me guess... Florida.

I dont know why they are the only area that calles it that. Such a better description. Tripping + Rolling = Trolling.

Eww, I hate that word! How could trolling be better than candyflipping? Trolls are ugly, mean little fucks... imo "candyflip" is EXACTLY what happens to you.

And it's a term used in the south, not just Florida. It's because the term "rolling" was used in the south before here up north. Back in, say, 95 hardly anyone up north knew what it meant when you said you were rolling, back then it was all "trippin' on E."

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2 hits of loves + 4 anchors @dec 31.01

i was sitting on this big ass couch, chillin, in not too dark room. I was in a mood to get bombed. ruff ass year man. poped an a and poped an anochor. it been at least half a year or longer. i like rather spend the extra 15 on k. you know. back to the story. we just got a too good to be true deal on the anchors.. i thought an hour passed or two. so i pop another a. and another two anchors. went into the other room, broke up the another two anchors, me and my boy. roll up a bill and the rust of the story goes.. sniff... i was getting pissed that i wasn't getting bombed.... i forgot what i said. but my friend replies... its only been one hour since we all dropped. i was already tripping and i didn't know it. the loves were mad strong... i walked into the kitchen.. plasma.. everything plasma.. i had previously broken up some dro on the table.. i was looking at it.. it was the lost city of buds.. cross my heart.. the buds were moving like the car lights on the westside highway at night, looking from jersee. all inline, some moving faster than others, bigger ones traveling slower, it was the perfect no traffic highway system, i think i found the solution to traffic.. at the time.. now, my ass i did... thats just one intro to the rest of the night... i'll be sitting here until my wireless keyboard runs out of juice...

yeah candy flipping is dope.... aftermath aphrodite luvin the ablum.. can we have better parties when aphrodite @centro.. next time... maybe free beer...

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