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who knows old skool the true old skool

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Originally posted by brickhouse

So, "For an Angel" isn't the REAL old skool??? :laugh:


if you went by what 90% of this board thought was old school ud think whitney- my love is ur love is old school and every other track from 98 99

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Yeah, I hate to say it, but I'm still pretty damn middle school....if I was to list my old school picks, they're all from 1991-1996...

Eh fuck I'll list a few anyway then...

Dem2 - Destiny

Hyper-On Experience - Lords of the Null Lines

Orb - Little Flufffy Clouds

2 Bad Mice - Bombscare

Orbital - Speed Freak

DJ Hype - The Bee

Shanks + Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate (actually that's probably closer to '97...)

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I went to an old skool rave on the weekend called belfast. Music policy is from 1987 to 1994. They are held here every six months or so and always sell out. Normally about a crowd of ten thousand people and quite a few times it felt like the whole place erupted with some of the old classics.

biggest tunes would have been

total confusion- a homeboy a hippie and a funkie dread

a fine day- opus 3

brutal 8 e - altern 8

pennies from heaven-inner city

20,000 hardcore members-messiah

keep on pumpin it up-visionmasters feat kylie minogue


humanoid-stakker humanoid

papua new guinea- future sound of london

sharp as a knife- roxanne shante

acid man-jolly roger

the bee-scientist

last train to trancentral-klf

work it to the bone-lnr

sweetness and light- itchee and scratchee

anyway one of the best parties I have been too.

cheers Zade

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