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attn djscotphreak or anyone else who may know this....

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The generics are cheaper due to advertising cost. For example, Coke or just generic Cola. The generics are the same chemical form but are riding off of the brand name of the more expensive advertised brand.

As far as the percs you are referring to it will say right on the bottle the mgs.

it will read something like 10/550. The 10 would be the mgs of oxycodone and the 550 would be the mgs of tylenol (acetaminiphine)

Don't worry about name brands just look at the substance name and amount of mgs.


btw - if you are still having trouble - send them to me and i will do a complete taste test.

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That is why you get different pills...that is IF there is a generic available.

For example...there is no generic version of OxyContin because the patent has not run out yet. Sooo on the script, OxyContin means Oxycontin.

Lots of peeps who "need" drugs prefer the gens because they are much cheaper than the brand for reasons the elites mostly covered.

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so does that mean that the generic ones are not as strong as the real percocets?

oh and one more other thing.......one I usually take them, I usually crush up 4 or 5, put em in some soda, and drink that.

Now does it have to be on an emtpy stomach for you to feel them more?

Or can you eat as usual, but the only thing is that it will take longer for you to feel it?


oh and the real percocets are the blue ones rite? casue ive gotten those from hospitals and they actually say percocet on them.

Hopefully Im gettin those tonite:) :)

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There are always people who say the brand is stronger than the generic version...but each 5mg percoset (or generic equiv.), under FDA requirements, has to have 5mg of oxycodone in it.

Any drug taken onan empty stomach will hit you quicker...especially wiht the little soda trick.

Yes...the brand name Percs are blue...gimme some Romy damn you!!! :tongue:

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