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Harder Traxx

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Let's get a list going of the newer hard tracks. I know most of you don't like this genre but I love hard house and hard trance. So feel free to add whatever songs you have.

Here's all I got. They're not the best tracks but they get the job done.

Energizer (Dj Dean 2002 mix)

Liquid dance – first time

Trance Generators – never in danger

Avancada – Money for Nothing

Dee Mark - Seven Days And One Week (Dj Tom-X)

Nebula - Orbital Park

Re-Actor - Radiostar

Cosmic Gate – Wonderful Human Beings

George Acosta - The Reaper

Aquagen - Summer is calling

So come on, post all those songs that Vicious plays or even anything new from hennes & cold, Scot Project, Russenmafia or every other hard hitting electronic music artist out there.

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well here are a few tracks that i have been bangin lately...i know some are a little old but i like em.....anyway..........

- H.A.Z.A.R.D.-DaNuStyle[HazardHardstyleMix]

- Simon J. Bergher - Ultimo Respiro (Trance Generators Mix)

- tuneboy - Housensation (Da Kicker Strikes Again Mix)

- hypnopunk - acid storm (clubmix)

- walt_vs_zero_gi_-_exciter_showtek_remix

- Hazard_-_James_Brown_Is_Dead_2002_(Gary_D_Deadly_Hard_Bass_Mixx)

- Resonance - V.I.P. Remix

- S.O. Project - Direct Disko 2002 (Hardstyle Rmx)

- Miss JMA - My Style Is The Best (Lars Palmas Rmx)

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