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why does tina burn sooo much?!?!?


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how's it's made has NOTHING to do with the final product....go read up on sum chemistry.....how horrible does this mixture sound....floor cleaner (NaOH) + hydrochloric acid (HCl) :eek: ===> ohhh noooo H2O + NaCl (plain old salt water).......regardless with whatever is used in the process, if it's done correctly it's fine (not saying crystal meth is).....how u think they make pharmecutical drugs...all sorts of chemicals that would scare the shit outta u

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Originally posted by klohe

Can anyone tell me exactly what in Tina causes that AWFUL PAIN in your nose?!?!?!? :cry:

the ingredients that go into making a chemical product like meth are NOT present in the final product if the synthesis is done cleanly.

whatever the final ingredient is that causes that burning, its probably the same ingredient that makes one wanna fuck all day and nite, talk endlessly, be excited about life and be on top of the world for a few days:eek:

just a guess

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