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My mind has now been warped!


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I'm at my pizza shop, and there is this HOT girl who works there and I always wondered if she was Spanish (dark skin) or Italian (hey she works in a pizza shop), so out of curiousity today I ask her nationality. She says Afghani... I was like wha?????

AFGHANI?!?!?!??!?!? as in Afghanistan?!?

Whoa. I did a complete recheck here, I have officially seen one HOT DAM AFGHANI chick.

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I used to date a VERY cute Afghani chick, she was very much into poetry, and would make me traditional Afghani cuisine :D

But it never would have lasted too long---both her parents were rather strict religiously, and would probably flip seeing a blonde surfer dude like me with their daughter :goofy:

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u guys r crazy...i can c u all live in some sheltered ass cracker ass cracker neighborhoods....

afghani girls r hot !...i mean like smokin hot...some of the girls i know r amazing...especially one girl from my astronomy class that ive known for 2-3 yrs..slammin. i live in a pretty diverse neighborhood and the afghans live on like 2 blocks...im tellin u...theres some baddddd ass afghani hunnies out there.

the red dot= indian...... playa

covered from head to toe= great story..there used to b this hot hot hot girl Brish from around the way...her brother made the pilgrimace to mecca...came back..asked her to wear a veil and all..she accepted...no more hot Brish!!

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Originally posted by apotheosis

ok miss confused... When I think Afghani... I think fully covered women in head garbs, ect... maybe with the red dot. but not mouth watering beautiful.

red dot? i think you're confusing things just a bit. there's a lot of very good looking afghani girls out there.....they have the most beautiful eyes too, like huge light green eyes.

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Originally posted by shugabooga

i hear ya mikey.....some of the most beautiful men/women i've ever laid eyes on come from the Middle East....sometimes North Africa.....

That's why I was confused... I've seen so many stunningly beautiful women from that part of the world. :drool:

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