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Weekly TopX - Week Of (9/23/02)

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no particular order...

marascia - shake it (b1)

cuba 2 - house muzak (cuba 2 imported dub)

nalin inc - african harvest (magheda tribal mix)

salco - all singin all dancin

neurotic jock - therapy (second session mix)

unknown - fabricated nonsense

marco bailey - fiesta <~~ahhh techhhhhh

celeda - let the music...(flatline def. of house mix)

filterheadz - the 1 who got caught (original)

peace division - do you see me (ssh mix)

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Praga Khan - Glamour Girls (Filterheadz)

Joey Beltram - Its that time

B Turn - Paris

Andreas Cremer - Invigorati :eek:

Bando - Anonimato

Dallas Kiss - Revelation

Marco Carola - Poison

Ben Sims - Expired

D-note - I Understand (S&M vocal)

Roger Sanchez featuring Julie McKnight- Answers

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Here's what I've been jamming this past week.

Filterheadz - In Your Eyes (Lost Witness Remix)...New FAV TRACK!!!!

Funktion - Seduction

Full Strength - Stronger (Flatline Remix)

Chris Lum - You're Mine (Clean Mix)

Peace Division - Wherever the Drums Take Me

Peter Heller & Tedd Patterson - Big Room Drama (Reprise Mix)

Placebo - Passive Aggressive (Hisham's Breaks Mix)

Dirty South - Can't Shake the Feeling (Widebody Mix)

DJ Sandy vs Housetrap - Overdrive (Steve Lalwers We Love the Terrace Mix)

Leo Mayhem & Roberto Fontolan - Indian Season (A Side)

Elton John - Rocketman (Inertia's Dark & Moody Mix)

Slovo - Sertao Blues (Goetz & Smallboy Mix)

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My top Ten (From last two weeks)

1) In Your Eyes - Saeed & Palash

2) Fell Free - DJ Donut

3) Bang - Robbie Rivera (Steve Melnik Remix) HOT!

4) Insane - Dark Monks (main mix)

5) Do You Fuck as Well as you Dance - DJ Ray Albano Remix

6) Corruption - Harry Choo Choo Romero

7) Seven - Against the Grain (Hard Dub)

8) Turquoise - Circulation

9) Made at the End - Scumfrog Remix

10) Dont Wanna Lose my Way - Dreamcatcher

BONUS-Insane in the Membrane-Cypress HIll (DJ Ray Albano Remix)

Been playin these the most lately lookin forward to another great week of music!:)

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