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Since quitting smoking


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Originally posted by luvle02

*I know this isn't really fashion, but tuff*

Ever since I quit smoking I've gained 15 Lbs. Has this happened to anyone else and does it come back off?

It is natural for that to happen, when you smoke you are putting your hands to your mouth also your occupying your mouth.......... eating takes that place Follow....................

U need to do somethign else............. anything is better than smoking though...... Good luck

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the same thing happened to my best friend -- whatever the reason was (most likely due to snacking when you want a cigarette) there's nothing you can do about it -- EXCEPT just work out and start eating better.... that's what she did, and now she's fine and hasn't started smoking again!!!

being a little heavier temporarily is sooo much better than dealing with shit later on due from smoking! congrats on quitting!

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Originally posted by danamdkny

i have been quitted for 2 and half months now - and its getting a little tougher- sometime s when i smell nicotiine I CRAVE ~~~

help me with will power here ppl!

FOcus on something to put into your mouth, I chewed on Tee Tree Chewing Sticks and lots of gum and candies.. It helped a lot..

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