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Help! Please...

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Hi, I am from the NY area and am in DC for a couple of weeks on business. I went out in DC friday night and had really no clue where to go. What can you guys recommend? I'm here with my roommate and we have partied at the best venues with the best of them in NYC. I'm looking for somewhat of a comparable crowd if that is possible(girls in their 20's, well dressed people, good music). I know that I won't find the NY/NJ guido scene but anything close would be great. I found myself surrounded by men and women old enough to be my parents which was rather discouraging.


I couldn't find a good place all night :-(

I saw a place called "Five" which looked decent until I saw some beasts walking out of there. I appreciate any help in finding a venue for Saturday night and next Friday cause I will still be around..

Thanks in advance,


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Can you give me an idea of which venues in NY you usually frequent? Are you like the Suite 16/Lotus/Pangaea type, the SF type, the Centro-Fly type? Are you looking more to pick up girls or more to hear good music? If you can narrow that down I can help you out a little better.

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Originally posted by ghboy

Not one suggestion??

Have hearts people, lol..

NEW party called basik this saturday. house.progressive.and Drum n [email protected] edge. no dress code $10

Five is better on sat nights. gooood house music till 5. check it:www.mthre3.com

[email protected] on sat plays trance.

Then there is [email protected] uh...caters to the male crowd. plenty of guidos there for ya! that's sat nights

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