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i need a suggestion for a good body lotion, please

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i know this is the fashion board, but there's often a lot of talk about beauty products, and good skin is always fashionable :shades2: .

i've been using curel, but i'm not all that stoked about it. i'm looking for a body lotion that's:

1. quick-absorbing. i hate it when it just stays greasy on you for a while. curel doesn't do that, at least, and that's why i've been using it for a while now.

2. fragrance free. 'nuff said.

3. for sensitive skin.

4. for normal to dry skin. i don't have really dry skin, i just need to use some after the shower and whatnot.

and i guess those are my only requirements. i've always just had a really hard time finding one that meets the first demand (absorb, please!). so, if anyone's got a favorite, help me out, please :) !

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well, any lotion will absorb quickly if you use the right amount and rub it in good... but some suggestions for good lotions...

cheapie sauve lotion has always been a staple of mine because it moisturizes perfectly... i think there is an unscented version you can buy, but personally, i think the light scent the aloe vera one has is nice...

also, if you're willing to spend a bit more, try kiehl's deluxe hand and body lotion... it's light and absorbs quickly... i use the scented version but i know they make an unscented one... for anyone who likes scented lotions, the vanilla and grapefruit scents are divineeee... :D

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Originally posted by perns2002

Try KERI fast absorbing Lotion.............

i was looking at the keri line, looking first for fragrance-free. the only one they had that was fragrance-free turned out to be for sensitive skin, so that sounded just right :) . it also listed as its selling points that it is fast absorbing and not greasy (sometimes the things that are specifically bragged about are true). so, i was all stoked about that, then looked and saw that all keri stuff was on sale (all curel was too, so it was a tough decision; curel wasn't that bad, i guess, and so many really are greasy).

review pending :cool: .

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