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What body piercings do you have or want?


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11 in my ears (just tiny little studs though)

Tongue Ring - which I REFUSE to take out even though it's gotten played out... I had it BEFORE it became trendy and I still love it!

Used to have my Belly Button - Had it up until about a year ago, just got really sick of it so I took it out

***And I always thought it was cute to have a little nose stud, but I haven't gotten that just yet***

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only 2 in my ears and my belly.. want to get second holes done in my ears... i used to have my left cartilage pierced but it bothered me so i took it out... i want it done again.. other than that, i don't think i'd pierce anything else... nips look good but i would never do it... tongue ring isn't my thing...

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Originally posted by hunnie818

I've got 4 in my ears

1 in my tongue

2 in my bellybutton...(top & bottom)

I had a barbell going through the skin on my stomach bwlow my bellybutton but it got infected....:rolleyes:

so now i have a scar :tongue:

I 'm gonna pierce my both my ninny's before I go to cancun....

OOHH i love when people have both the top and bottom of their belly buttons pierced!!! so adorable!!!!!

i still have a scar where my bell button was pierced too :(

NINNY's ARE HOT - If I had enough balls, I'd get them done...

Misk -- LOL on us both wanting our nose pierced :)

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