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What ONE word describes your sex life?

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Originally posted by gmccookny

I love how mostly everyone's response is either on one extreme or the next :laugh:

I bet the truth lies somewhere in the middle

hey maybe not... this is the sex board so maybe everyone really is as extreme as they say :confused: ????

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Originally posted by mystify82281



Hun,..just one word?...how come?..has life come down to that?

Call me old fashioned..but I always thought sex was more than just one word. I could have sworn yesterday that no way a gal could ask sex life in a word. So I guess sitting up all nite saying all the sweet and nice things were a waste of time huh?

And all this time I thought being a gal was the most confusing human element......guess not ! Love the fact that gals are thinking like guys more and more as days go by....

Gotta luv the new century..LOL..its gonna be wild and crazy..just my kinda party....LOL

Let me know if ou REALLY wanna know a single word for a sex life....may not be pretty...but honest:D

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:laugh: lol why do u always have to be so difficult?! :tongue:

I think you read too much into my question - YES sex can be or is much more than one word....

I wasn't, in any way, implying what you might have suspected....

I just thought it would be fun to try to think of one single word to describe sex, because sex can be sooooo many different emotions, attitudes, words, things, etc....

I like the creativeness around trying to squeeze it all into one word.... :D

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