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My Friend is a video Ho...

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Originally posted by ghhhhhost

that..its my party shit...whack song...hate Fab...but thats my homegirl so im compelled to watch it every time it comes on

funny thing while i was at macys on 34 fri autographs im sittin up there listenin to pvd an see all these young bucks runnin round with the posters an what not im like so what the hell is goin on an i see who the cat is signin autographs an it still didn t click till i saw the name on the posters winds up bein fab wahoo!!! yup he was signin autographs an stuff.... ha no clue at all

guess its safe to say im either old an can t get down with these young bucks or im finally out of the hip hop scene:D in any case its all good for me :laugh:

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