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Originally posted by bkissa

What would you want as a x-mas gift?

im a simple guy, i would just want to spend the day with my girl...

i always felt that giving was better than getting... however if my girl persisted and i was forced to say something... id say some gear, a watch, maybe a few small things instead...

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Normally cannot go wrong with either Electronics to Cologne...

Depending on the Price Range you are looking to spend...

Cologne ( Gift Packages ) Always a good idea...


Her... Wrapped in nothing but a short silk robe at the end of a long stressful X-Mas day with the family... :)

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Originally posted by luvle02

Got my bf auto start, it's more for me cause I hate being cold and other things like clothes & stuff

Thats a nice feature I hear, but I know a dude(neighbour) who got his ride totalled from an improperly installed unit....and here's the kicker, the insurance company doesnt cover any damage/loss incurred from 'after market' products......tread with care... Merry xmas btw...:party:

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