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Jenny From the Block

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since this is the muzik forum, i got an open question for everyone--

granted i know everyone is pretty sick of the song, but does anyone catch the fact that shes off beat while singin to the beatnuts sample? The verses dont sound too bad with the whole, "off timing" thing but the hook sounds horrible. I mean, its an annoying hook anyway (esp since she moved her mother outta the bx and has nothing to do with the bx now anywa) but its still offbeat... and rockin over that beatnuts beat u gotta be tight??!! how can you miss the beat with that??


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I was listening to commerical fm radio station at work yesterday. This track and scooter were voted the worst tracks of 2002. I already knew scooter was bad and voted it in the post of worst track of the year, but then i actually listened to this j-lo track and yeah it is very messy.

cheers Zade

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