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Got Milk


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Originally posted by Codica3

Chocolate milk is a different story.. I can live on that.. :D

Almost everyone I know who hates regular milk, LOVES chocolate milk....lol Including people who don't like chocolate, like me....How ironic.....

If I use milk it's gotta be 2%.......nothing else....

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milk is disgusting....

the processed milk most of us see in stores is mainly made up of bacteria, diluted milk (water) and dead cells. the only milk nutritious for a human is breast milk from a female. guess that gives a lot of guys a good excuse to ....:D

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Originally posted by Mystify22

Am I the only one who is sick of these advertisements?

Haven't they realized it's gotten old and tiresome?

Don't they think it's about time they approach it from a new angle?


Yeah I think they need to take a sexual approach like BUDWEISER does...

Milk sure does do a body goooooood!!! :hump::licker:

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