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is it me or.....


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Originally posted by saleen351


2003 IS ON FIRE SO FAR..........

well i dont know about 2003 on fire pretty lame music, as for the rivera sound i agree but i think that was a jersey thing sweating him:rolleyes: :laugh:

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Originally posted by jlauro263

Def agree with you wakeup usually I'm not pressing to find new stuff to order now I find myself listening to stuff over and over trying to find stuff worth buying...

yup i maybe bought 15 new records since new yrs. i gave up goin nuts lookin thru all my new releases lists /sites and what not not even worth it for now

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Guest saleen351

we know alright is on its way to abeing a smash and we know for sure nothing is gonna stop Pretty Posion for the vox of the WMC, so i'd say things are looking good... as long as hex keeps his hands off of vocals and other step up, it should be good.

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I think there's always good music out there somewhere.

Things can't be that bad if there's a new release from James Holden coming out, and I think "Return" by Holden & Thompson proves that.

The 2003 remixes to Inner City's "Big Fun", especially the Lingo Vocal Mix are nice.

On the Hard Dance tip you may want to check out Vinylgroover & The Red Head "Kokane".

An upbeat fusion of Tech and Electro-House is what makes Legowelt "Disco Rout (Johannes Heil Remix)" a good tune.

For a good hard hitting Techn record you have Fabio MC "My Instinct".

On the 2 Step tip I like a song called "What More (K Warren 2 Step Mix)" by Sarah.

Christopher Lawrence released a nice Progressive Trance record titled "October's Child".

Another good Progressive tune is Kansas with "Coming Home".

I love the Rock/Dance hybrid records like Radio 4 "Dance To The Underground (Prance Remix)", and of course Planet Funk's "Who Said" is very solid as well. You can even hear the Rock influences on Trance tunes like Endimyon "Running (Mat Silver vs. Tony Burt Remix)".

Sandy Rivera's "Changes (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Mix)" is a very nice Funky, Jazzy, and Soulful House record.

Trance heavyweights like Scot Project are coming out with "R The Rocker", and ATB will be releasing "I Don't Wanna Stop".

Big vocal Trancers include the Shine Remix to "Shine" by Darren Tate & Jono Grant, Svenson & Gielen Feat. Jan Johnston "Beachbreeze (Vocal Mix)", Oceanlab Feat. Justine Suissa "Beautiful Together", and too many others to mention.

On the Breakbeat tip the new Icey album is coming out soon, I love Adam Freeland's "We Want your Soul", Sharaz is coming out with different types of sounds from "Cookie" and "Brain Damage" to Aion "Destiny (Sharaz Remix)". There's also Soul of Man "The Drum", which is a great Tech/Tribal/Breakbeat record.

Aside from the Peter Rauhofer remix to "Some Lovin" by Murk vs. Kristine W., there's also a pretty good remake to another Kristine W. classic - "Feel what you Want" by Soho.

The remixes to the Simple Minds song "Spaceface" are nice, especially the Francesco Farfa and DJ Tomcraft Remixes.

You guys can say what you want about Robbie Rivera, but I really like his remix to Moloko's "Familiar Feelings", but that's just me. Oh, and another good House tune is the Harry Choo Choo Remix to "Restless" by Oblik.

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i always see it as a yearly cycle... well usually at the start of the year its usually slow.. so january is like a wash for the most part.. then february gets a little better.. but then march rolls around and u have the wmc which kick starts shit back at high gear.. i notice its been like this the past few years.. but for the most part this year i dont think its been that bad so far.. but definitely not that great either

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