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ladies i need help figuring out this ish...


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i sign onto to the net, to finish up some ish for work tomorrow and out of nowhere one of my ex's IM me... so basically its that artificial conversation and etc... but then she asks me what im doing, (and i felt as if it was a loaded question however i answered anyway...) i said doing ish for work blah blah blah etc... then i said and yourself... and she replies... why are doing that its like twelve something, why do always act so old... then she proceeds to tell me that the guy she is currently seeing is over and they are getting drunk together and are having a great time... i inturn reply if youre having such a great time why are on the net while hes somewhere else??? she then replies i have to go im too drunk to talk... so i put my away msg up and she sends two more im's saying g'nite and etc... and thats it... wtf! was the point of her IM'ing me??? to rub in my face that the new guy is over there??? (not that i care the slightest bit) or out of shee curiousity as to what i was doing and how ive been??? (not that i think she cares) or is it something i am totally overlooking since i have exterior genitals and think like a man!???

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I don't know about wanting you back, it could be a couple things.

1) She could have taken the opportunity to find out what you were up to, how you were doing to ease her curiousity. If you had even a slightly serious relationship you are still on her mind and she wonders about you from time to time, you don't just forget about someone.


2) She's really immature and wants to rub it in your face that she is with another guy. She may just want to see what your reaction is?

Thats my interpretation...

Breakups can be a pain...you'll get past it though!!

Good Luck!


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Originally posted by dgmodel

me too... im didnt take you seriously... (hence the peace sign in the top corner oh well whatever...)

My bad... Here's what I think. She still likes you and that's her fucked up way of telling you or you dumped her and that's her way of trying to get back at you. If the ladder didn't happen then I think she still likes you.

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1. she wanted a threesome

2. she made up the guy thing

3. this could go in conjunction with number 2, its snowing out shes home alone, wanted sex she was in fact drunk, saw that ur im didnt show any interest, and changed her mind

4. she was just really drunk did in fact have the guy over and was being a stupid drunk imming random people

5. she is really a he, the guy that was over, and was using her sn and started imming random people on it to get some dirt...

6. she is now a porn star and was wondering if ud go over and tape her fucking her dog....

i think im betting on number 5

but i could be wrong....

i do know how you can find out which one it was exactly

are u ready


call her up and ask...

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is this the devil???? :rolleyes:

anywho, she could've been making it up, could've been a man, could've been a dike with a strap-on....who cares.

I think you know the answer....she was drunk, memories flood back in, and yes she wanted your attention. Getting back together, I dunno....think about the history on this, and you'll know my opinion. <3

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You are correct, there is an underlying meaning to this IM, here it is:

"My boyfriend's too drunk to get it up. I'm horny. It look like he's about to pass out. Can I come over so we can bump uglies?"

I have no doubts in my mind. But I think that last comment you made to her turned her off, so her ego got the better of her.

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shes a petty bitch. she probably just msged to rub in the fact that she met someone else and they are having "SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER". for all you know she was alone and making siht up, people love to do that. also, if she was being honest, it just shows that you have been on her mind. she has probably wanted to msg you for a while & just got up the balls because her man was over so she felt like it was a good opportunity to show you just how much fun/excitement youre missing out on... obviously it is none though because shes petty enough to pull these little games. god, i am so jaded. haha. ok my point is, who gives a shit why she msged, dont let it eat u up. the fact that she msged just shows her own desire to make u feel bad & that makes her a petty bitch.

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:aright: somebitch

if the guy really was over, then she was doing it to make u jealous and to rub it in ur face.... thats really all it comes down to...

and if he wasnt really over then she just wanted attention...

but WHO CARES? u said u dont... and shes an ex for a reason.. so fuck it

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fuck that bitch sam.. get with her roommate, that blonde hair girl with that tattoo on her foot.. she is way hotter... but anywho.. is not getting anywhere in life... did i ever tell you i seen her like 4 months ago when i went to the gap to get some emergency boxers? ran in ran out.. and BAM there she was...fucking trolls i swear...

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