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Not too long ago I post ed about lost chanses and regret.

well, in case no remembers long story short. there was a girl that everyone that I was with but we were just friends and nothing more (but should have been). she moved about a year and a half ago. Have not talked to her since.. any way, I run into her dad today and he says to me "guess who is coming in for a visit" on 6/9 or about then.

Now the question is do I call or not? Or if you would make contact how would you (if at all)?

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:phone: i think you should definetly call her, you have nothing to lose but something to gain. and when u do call her and dont know what to say u can start off with something as trivial as whats up stranger it really doesnt matter what or how u start it as long as u call, dont plan on what to say just call and itll come to u as ur talking to her,

good luck

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Originally posted by bodiii

your name is fearless...and your afraid to make a phone call???

just do it...

don't think so much...

find out whats goin on...

enjoy yourself...

hmm good point. actually, it not so much making the call that I was afraid of but rather of having nothing to say. BUt I realize now, after having a good night sleep, that would be nothing more than an excuse not to call because we would/have about 2 yrs to get caught up on. and since I have everything to gain it would be my fault to let what propablely was my best friend slip away because I did not make a call.

. And that's my fault(not anyone elses) because as with all relationships it's a 2 way street.

So I guess what I am saying is after getting news that she was coming to town, with some help from you, I realize I'd be a fool not to call.

So thank you all for pointing me in the right direction for my very trivial problem.

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