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Anyone Into TAI CHI or any other Meditation progams?

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They did a progam at my company on TAI CHI Breathing and Focusing to prevent accidents. I never took the class. But I heard some good things about it.

Are any of you into any kind of meditation or Intructional programs that help to relieve the every day stress as well as better your focus and breathing habbits?

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an ex was a hard core tai chi practitioner, although it seems strange to describe someone who takes tai chi as "hard core"! *laugh*

but seriously, from what i observed, it's an activity that can range from relaxing and hypnotic to sweat-pouring-down-your-face intense. he tended towards the latter, but always felt very happy afterwards.

i've taken a couple of yoga classes in the past, but i want to see if there's one a i can attend on a weekly basis at my gym. my mom does yoga regularly and says that "yoga breathing" is helpful during times of stress (in a turbulent plane, for example... she travels a lot).

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T'ai Chi means "the ultimate."

It means improving, and progressing toward the unlimited; it means the immense existence and the great eternal. All of the various directions in which T'ai Chi influence was felt were guided by the theory of opposites: the yin and the yang, the negative and the positive. This is sometimes called the original principle. It was also believed that all of the various influences of T'ai Chi point in one direction: toward the ultimate...


in other words it is a discipline, a way of life...

now there's some monk shit for ya...

if ya wanna stretch and meditate take yoga with all the models.:D

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