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I'm feelin him somewhat. He def has a Mase style goin on. But he has been in a few other songs I can't think of the names but he had small parts and I liked him.

Also, Puff can make many artists great, I dont like Puff too much but he def knows what artists to pick. . . I mean my fav artist he helped blow up even though he didn't need it, cause he was the illest lyricist. . .

anyway back to topic, yea Loon is aight

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I like Loon...he's been around for a couple of years now but is just now getting big. And yeah, he'll be big because Diddy is working on blowing him up. But when ya look at it, P. Diddy has to...he really doesnt have any artists left. Just look at the list of artist Bad Boy has lost over the years...



The Lox

Lil Kim

Black Rob



and hell even Dream isnt with Bad Boy any more

I'm sure theres more, just cant think of any right off the top of my head.

Besides himself, Diddy doesnt really have any other big name artists to promote other than Loon.

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yeh but without puff all those artists u listed up there would be no bodies...except for the LOX ,Shyne and Big...none of them had an excuse to jump ship ...

as for Loon..poor guy...doesnt anyone tell him HEY UR THE CARBON COPY OF MASE .....he's got the Mase flow..the Mase walk...he even rocks a Mase like jesus piece...poor guy...

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