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Kidd and Mourning

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Originally posted by nycchic24

the nets got a one-two punch today with both Kidd and Alonzo Mourning annoucing they will be with the next next year!

kidd resigns for 6 yr $99M :eek:

so next june -------> lakers v nets?


looks that way.

detroit could contend in the east

but i don't see anyone stopping the lakers. north, south, east, west.

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Originally posted by vicman

i still think they should try to ship out one of their 4 centers they have on the roster. maybe not mutombo, but one of the other 2, and make a trade for a good point guard who can shoot from the perimeter.

I know a lot of teams are interested in Jason Collins. I think that is the next step.

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Originally posted by vicman

everyone in the east sucks. i wish grant hill would just retire and free up cap room for the magic. :mad:

Aaaaaah ! Fuck the magic and royally fuck GH..shit..what a bust he's been since he left the pistons..right about now, the magic officials and owners must be kicking their own asses and hoping he takes the same route as Mo Vaughn of the Mets...Oooh..did I mention the Mets suck :laugh:

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