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Need Help Plz

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Ok so my friend is gettin a job at a hospitol and she has to take a drug test...of which she's in the process of tryin to find out if its piss or hair...if its piss i know how to help her ....and hair i heard soemthin about a certain head and shoulders.....has anyone heard, used, or have any info on this....it would be great!! THANX!!!

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Originally posted by lizard23

Most places do not use hair follicle tests - it's way too expensive. Even the military and a lot of gov't sectors don't - they just do pee. I'm sure she doesn't have anything to worry about.

I used to work at Rainforest Cafe and to get in the "growth program" (work urself up and be a manager) u have to go take a drug test and they test from ur hair....and this girl got all nervous bc she smokes...and she read it online some head n shoulder i've been lookin....and tryin to get in touch with this girl to find out what it is ....it messes up the test and makes everything seem normal....so i guess when i find out i'll let everyone know just in case u guys need that info

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