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you win, your much too queer for me

number three is just for you


10. "It's only been 29 minutes since I ate, but I think I'll go for a swim."

9. "Call doctor! Losing blood! Chest hair caught in outboard motor!"

8. "Screw this -- I'm going to work for the Alan Keyes campaign."

7. "I just saw a dead fish that was, like, totally gross, so I'm quitting."

6. "What I'll miss most is the dedication of the crew -- well, that and all the naked girls with the nice breasts."

5. "Tell the kind people of Germany I love them."

4. "Don't worry, it's just a routine heart examination."

3. "I'm sorry to disappoint all my gay fans."

2. "You haven't heard the last of David Hasselhoff...oh wait, you probably have."

....and the number one last line for David Hasselhoff's character on Baywatch

1. "Bay, I won't be watching you anymore


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Originally posted by technoisdead


hopefully I'll annoy you as much as your crap music annoys me

peace out

This kid fucking rules!!! I HATE TRANCE SO FUCKING MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! Dude, even the sound of it unk, unk, unk UGH it just pisses me off!

Hasselhoff, you're alright man. Even if you are an ankle biting homonaut.

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