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Chingy booed off stage...

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So last night I went to a concert at O.D.U. here in Va called the Back to School Jump Off, and Chingy got booed off stage. It was a great concert overall. Freeway, Young Gunnaz, Cam'ron, Diplomats & Juelz Santana, Lil Jon, Youngbloodz, and Chingy. Well, when Chingy was about to perform "Right Thurr" he started rippin' on 50 Cent, big time. He said somethin about 50 and G-Unit "ruining" his song with their version and said somethin about how they could never rhyme on a beat like he could. Cant remember exactly what it was...I was pretty drunk. He went on for a good minute or two, just slamming 50 Cent. People started booing and during Right Thurr all you could here was the entire crowd booing and yelling shit at him. When the song ended, he didnt say a word and just walked off stage to more and more boos. I wonder if this is going to just be a one time thing and he's learned that he better not try to start beef with 50 Cent if he wants to stay popular, or if he's going to keep publicly bashing him.

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