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Ja Rule Interview on MTV


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bet's broad cast of it had no music.

and ja is not scared..... i felt what he said bout his song dising people.

why does he feel he has to dis everyone.

... example.. how can u do a hit song with lil' kim, than next week drop a freestyle dissing her..

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I read it last night... i didnt know they fought already... If 50 hit Ja-Rule and didn't rap about it then maybe 50 aint as gangsta as I thought. Ja Rule is a lil skinny as bitch. Jas should have been in the hospital after 50 got a hold of him with all the shit 50 says.

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I personally dont care any more...I'm starting to get sick of all these beefs. Everyone talking about what their gonna do to the other person if they ever see them and bla bla bla...shut up already. If you wanna fight the guy do, otherwise, stick to normal old rapping. Its annoying!

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its getting tiring already.... "imma do this !! i'mma do this ! " "i'm gansta, dont step up to me" blah :blah: :blah:

niggaz always try to prove their street cred to sell records, fuck you, i dont buy your cd coz you slept in the bathtub in your junior years... i buy it coz i like the hot beatz, fuck the drama.

that said, 2pac was the real gangsta... muthafucka got shot, got up....got shot, mouthed off......got shot....well, u know the rest of it.

holla :afro:

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yo assuming its all an image is not always good cuz even ja's little fake ass is liable to shoot as nigga that shit is too easy all that gangsta talk is just an ego thing but dont assume shit. shyne? styles? beanie? m.o.p? they all talk that gangsta shit u wanna go tell them they aint about shit?

thought so

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