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American or Foreign Cars?


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i've had american muscle, japanese sport compact, and fine german engineering...

(c3 corvette, 2g eclipse GSX, & Audi TT 225QC)

each one is pretty cool... although, i'd have to say, my next car is probably going to be a porsche... so i guess i'll agree with marko on this one, as far as the german cars go...

though, i wouldn't call my GSX a beater by any stretch of the imagination... but its definately cool-on-a-budget...

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...German cars are soft and overengineered..When they work, they're wonderful to drive, but I always feel like I'm driving a porky car when I'm behind the wheel of a european import...waay to heavy feeling...

...Japaneese cars are light and nimble (usually)...very 'delicate' feeling but have great service records... Japanese cars are probably my favorite... I just hate the fact that so many of the pocket rockets are Front WD...

..American cars are well..American cars...pretty sturdy, not too complex and all around nice to drive...Not as much snob factor (or any for that matter) but I'll come right out and say it: We build a pretty nice and reliable car when it comes down to brass tacks.. In the past this wasn't the case, but nowadays the good ole U S of A can get the job done in automotive reliablility...

It all comes down to personal preference because each different country or region of origin pretty much has cars to suit any buyer... I have a bias against German imports though..I'll admit... I've known many a Volkswagon and BMW tuner in my time, not to mention ALOT of plain old driver/owners and I can honestly say through observation that their cars were in the shop about three times as much as any of my japanese or american owning friends...

...The price you pay, I guess, for buying luxury...

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I was born and raised on American Cars. My father worked for General Motors for over 20 years. It is almost nonsensical for me not to use his discount when purchasing/leasing cars - esp considering my budget constraints at the moment. Last year, I did consider the new Tiberon GT but ended up with my monte carlo - and I have to say I have no regrets, period. I would consider a nice M5 if I had the money but I dont so currently it's a non-issue. Plus, as most know, there is a lot of "blending" with respect to American and Japanese cars - some are built here with Japanese parts or vice verca. Either way, as Mike said, its personal preference - I have seen owners of all types with both complete loyalty or complete hatred.

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I have owned GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW and Honda

Some cars I had lots of trouble with like the BMW (M3) was high maintance, the GM's always had something wrong with them, the Chrysler ran good but little things alway broke and the Ford wasn't any better.

So I bought a Acura and have had it for 4 years and the only thing that went wrong was an alternator in the 4 years! Besides new breaks and other stuff that wears like tires and regular maintanence. This car has been the most reliable car by far I have ever owened.

Oh ya and it's fun to drive!!!!!!!!

But lets not forget America tought the Japanese to build cars after WWII. I do think American cars have gotten much better in the last 10 years or so. They have had to cuz they were building better cars in Japan for long time.

It's not because the Japanese were better at it, America was always able to build a better car but if they did that we would not have to buy a new one every few years

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