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so is ALL of corprate america


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fucked up/unorganized/run by douche bags that can lie and bullshit just enough to get their next paychecks and shift the responsibilty to someone else causing large comps/corps to become clusterfucks - or is it just the friggin offices ive had experience in

please advise :confused:

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businessmen perhaps..corporations as a whole ..definitely not..

everyone fudges numbers at one point or another..its like a "well known secret".....and can u blame the CEO's for doing this? theyre looking at bonuses that amount up to millions of dollars if their company meets/exceeds projections...

as the "great" Barry Minkow once said..."fraud is never an end..its just a means to an end"..meaning that most of these cats that partake in defrauding investors dont plan on doing it for the long run..theyre just doing it for the year/quarter/month..and it just snowballs...

in closing..expectations r a bitch

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