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Blew My Engine.

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Cam bearing. Fucked the whole top end. Im thinking of just getting the COBB tuning short block with high compression heads now. I mean....to do the WRX engine is hot but I dont plan on having this car for a very long time.

You had to see my engine on the inside. When we took off the oil pan and valve covers...metal everywhere. Sucks...turns out I had an oil leak...no lubrication caused it to break.

Of course my luck. My truck just broke too..Valve on my number 3 cylinder went.

This is why i lease and get a new car every 3 years!!!

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ah that blows :( spun cam bearings are pretty rare. Usually you hear about something in the bottom end going before that goes.

If you're not gonna keep the car, why spin for all the cash for a built COBB shortblock? Wouldn't just a junkyard engine do fine if you're going to sell it anyways? ;)

What're the specs on the COBB setup?

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The Stage 2 Short Blocks consist of a carefully chosen set of components engineered to be used together. A must for any high revving engine are strong, lightweight components – and we take full advantage of the newest technologies available. Our Stage 2 Short Block features:

EJ25 Phase II Short Block (2.5L Displacement)

Ultra-Lightweight Billet 4340 Steel Connecting Rods

Custom Designed Lightweight High-Compression Forged Aluminum Pistons (11:1 CR)

Exotic Titanium Piston Pins

Anti-Friction Piston Skirt Coating

Ceramic Piston Crown Coating

NA Specific Piston Rings

Lightened Forged Chromoly Crankshaft (79mm Stroke)

Semi-Closed Deck modification

Computerized Balance of rotating assembly

8500 RPM Recommended Rev Limit

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wow. Looks like you'll be running premium gas only ;)

dude DEFINITELY dont sell it if you're going with that shortblock. A couple revisions to reinforce the valvetrain and maybe porting/polishing the head and that car will be an NA MONSTER.

All you'd need is a set of slicks. that thing would be fun as hell to autox!

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dont forget the stiff valvesprings for that raised redline ;)

8500rpm out of a flat four ought to be something worth hearing. I've definitely got to see this monster when it's finished.

Screw WRX's - you've got something they wish they had on an AUtoX Course:

Throttle Response

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