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everyone rank your favorite!!!!!!

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fav: any drug i have...

least: when i dont have any...

that's a good one....for me it's all about what I feel like/need/crave.

And from frequency of use I say blow and pot are the two top choices.

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most fav:dust

in the middle:E

least fav:weed

but drinking is my most fav past time, beats any drug for me :pint:

dust is bad news. :shake:

for me fav= tie between alcohol and vicodin :pint:

least fav= xanix and weed (although i seldom smoke) :updown:

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most fav - high class cocaine fresh shipped from S.America sold only by Dominicans + Hatians !! YEY -YO !

least fav - chopped up , cheap mixed cocaine sold by Puerto Ricans ! lol

good cocaine never makes you feel bad even when crashing !

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