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Greatest news... well maybe not for the Yankees...

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But for the clubplanet messageboard as we may be retaining the presence of JTK4 since the Big Unit might not be coming to NY. He had us all worried that he was going to leave and stop talking about baseball, but alas, we can now thank him for coming back. :)

The Yankees now feel the Diamondbacks will hold on to Randy Johnson past Saturday's trade deadline, according to The New York Times.

The newspaper cited unnamed officials from several teams — including the Yankees — in reporting that Johnson seemed most likely to remain in Arizona despite his desire to be traded to the Yankees.

The Diamondbacks have acted as if they want to keep Johnson by not telling the Yankees what it would take to acquire him. What's more, Arizona reportedly has not made a serious effort to find other teams Johnson would be willing to pitch for.

The trade deadline is at 4 p.m. ET Saturday, and Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has reportedly said the team has no deals it could make at the moment. It seems he is prepared to head into August without injured starting pitchers Mike Mussina and Kevin Brown and first baseman Jason Giambi, who has been ill for most of the season.

The Yankees are virtually a lock for a postseason berth, but their lack of consistent (and healthy) starting pitching indicates the team could be very vulnerable in the playoffs.

That is why a trade for a dominant pitcher like Johnson makes so much sense.

Conversely, Arizona's decision to keep him could prove to be a crushing blow for the Yankees.

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