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The Mask Vs. Stymie 8/20 @ sullivan room


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I don't have to pay to go this do I? Can I at least get some drink tickets? No, how about a shocker from Moniquetz then?

fuck sullivan's system

can u throw down some phat tapes on this shit groovefire?

i'll bring a few of them so you, your partners and I can drop the SICKKKK breakbeats


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lemme participate on this . so people dont think i take offense ..

since deepspell .. my friend . explained this to me . it is all good ..

and groove dude .. we are cool ..

sure .. why not . battle .. nha .. i dont call it battle .. it is a friendly thing ..

take care everyone


the MASK

so what are the odds gunna be on this battle?

and also

stymie can do headspins and freezes Mask....as you can see by the pic on the first page of this thread. it might get interesting... :eek:

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:laugh: Bad rep now too. Damn I took a beating because of this. :laugh:

The Mask Vs. Stymie 8/2... 08-11-2004 10:05 AM Your a great dj. *sarcasm*

wow a lotta action on this thread :laugh:

dude this is like the best kind of promotion for your party. the turnout is gunna be INSANE!

drugs and dance battles!!!!!!

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