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dreams and nightmares...


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i believe there could be other dimensions, and dreams may be the window looking into those dimensions. Dreams i feel arise when you're in an altered state (somewhere btw. consciousness and unconsciousness) and reveal truths in a different light.

There is so much we don't know about dreams, but i just want to ride it out the fantasy and enjoy the show~~~

ps, i should start writing down the detalis of my dreams, then analyze them and look for similarities/meanings,...

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some ppl say if you die in your dream you die in real life... i dont get it...

in what perspective do you all dream in~!? typically its third person for me, similar to watching a movie, but from time to time (like yesterday) it as if was awake and just going through the day...

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seems when im happy i have more random dreams...when im not, i have very sepcific and understandable dreams.

i dreamnt i had dual 20" LCD setup at home for my desktop :laugh: (dork).....came in to work today and there is a sale on a great 20" LCD model :shaky:

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ive read a few things by freud on this subject... i was really into a few years ago bought a ton of books about this... back then i started to keep a dream journal, and write down all the dreams with the date and blah blah blah... then interpret them... oh well whatever nevermind...

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