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..:: Fri 10/15 Joe Mama + Eli Wilkie + Astro&Glyde + Trendroid + more::..


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*** Low End Specialists just added to the bill as well... ***

Friday October 15

For any of you in the NYC area, Eli Wilkie & I will be joining in the B-Day Jam for our good friend Andy Z of East Side Productions (formerly Urban Promos)at Cellar Bar, one of the hottest new nightspots in NYC.

Cellar Bar is one of the most beautiful venues in NYC and with its new sound and dj booth it is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Add in some of the hottest talent in the world and its one hell of a party!

Cellar Bar is located on 40th street between 5th and 6th avenues downstairs at the ultra hip Bryant Park Hotel.

This party is FREE, but it is highly recommended that u sign up at the East Side Productions [dot] net homepage.

Door by the lovely Brandie



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cant wait to see all u guys...

the party has been goin great so far...

and the talent we got comin in is top notch...

especially for a 200 person lounge

you guys are really gonna dig this...

not looking forward to turnin 26, but def lookin forward to the party :pint:

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