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...everytime i try to click your stupid tafola images thread cp freezes...so fuck that i'm not reading it..... :mad:

Sorry Misk...it opens veeeeeery slow for me too, because dgmodel posted like 4 pages of just going "hahahahahahahaha!"

This is what that thread was about, my post at the start of the thread:

Posted in the thread: Every1 give me negative rep points...
proves your a fuckin' RACIST for sure. fuck off.

Posted by Slider:

Excuse me guy, this proves that YOU are a racist:


Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Eddie.

how about kill the fucking animal... right away we jump on the police.

that STOOPID fucking NIGGER is the criminal here not THE COPS asshole.

the cops got a lot of nerve but fact is, NIGGERS are the real problem.

fukk u

You said you tracked your boy Eddie's pics to this site, but who with the similar name to your company was on this board last year promoting Eddie to Club Planet boards:


And who was this giving away free Eddie pics here?


WTF is going on around here? Has this board ever seen so much drama and deception? Something is fishy around here, and I'm not referring to pussy.

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