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Like the old saying goes......"One you go AZN you never go caucAZN."

Here is my wrap up of my Morillo weekend. Rented a 7 passenger tricked out Ford excursion for the drive down. Mind you there were only 5 of us going but the average weight in the vehicle was prob 225 lbs. And that with my skinny ass bringing down the avg. Watched 'Strap on Sally' on the DVD most of the ride down. Left boston around 10pm Sat night. Had plans to meet a slew of exotic performers at Crobar but we never made it in time. Got to the city around 3:30 am Sun morning. Got a room at the Westin. NEVER go to the Westin...they are chicken UNFRIENDLY. The bellhop confiscated the microwave I brought and didnt give it back til we checked out. FOCKERS. We had to bang chicken with hair dryers and coffee pots. Nothing like cleaning the pipes and pulling out coffee grounds. "Ummmmm no i ordered a decaf chicken thank you."

Go to discotheque around 5am. Placed was packed full of AZN's. One of my friends asked if I sent out invitations to my family reunion or if they just showed up. Placed was too crowded to do much of anything. I stayed til 10am (I think?) and went back to the hotel room to rest, freshen up, and change my clothes. Left the hotel again noon (I think) Sunday and went back to Discotheque for morillo part II. Lasted til about 4pm (I think) Sunday and limped back to the hotel room. We checked out of our non-friendly chicken coup and went a friends suite at the W hotel in Time square. Folks, I would highly recommend the W Hotel next time you are in NYC. For starters the place is dope. Young crowd also hangs there. Secondly our friend called the front desk for a microwave and they bring one up!!!!!!! Four stars for chicken friendly accomodations.

Banged chicken all day/night on Sunday. Threw myself into a hole and walked into times Square with two other friends looking for an ATM. I've never been so fucking scared in my life.....Spent 40 minutes in front of 2 ATM machines. Couldnt figure out how to operate the ATM so we went back to the hotel. Had more chicken delivered later that night. Had thoughts about going to Show (sp?) to see Morillo part III. But we wussed out. Dont know what time we left NYC.

Got home this morning at 11am.

the end.........

Oh yeah, Ras nice seeing you @Discotheque on Sunday. Sorry if I was 'out of it'. I remember bits anad pieces of our conversations. Morillo was sikkkkk. Ash I'll catch you the next time i am in NYC. I might be laying low for a while too....

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