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Breathe Afterhours @ Therapy 12/11/04


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Gasoline for car ride to providence: $30

Vinyl and Digital Music purchased for gig: $50

Drinks at venue (no drink tickets): $10

Sitting at Therapy for 5 hours and not even getting the chance to play: WORTHLESS.

The most poorly run, poorly organized event. I tip my hat to the DJ's involved who played. Ede it was great finally meeting you, and while I dug some of the stuff I heard, I patiently hung around after my time slot was changed, just to get a chance to play in that room. I wasn't supposed to close out the night, but sure let's switch things around, I mean afterall it's only Dres we're talking about here, he won't mind.

Not to mention that Fritz never showed up, and sent down a "replacement dj" who showed up 10 minutes prior to Fritz's set time, and was on the decks 10 minutes after he got there.

Cheers...my records and my car really needed a ride down to Providence. Just wasted $100 I could have used on Xmas gifts. Great time...

Oh yeah, Joe Faria & The Tex Brothers (playing in the downstairs room) also got just as screwed as me, being bumped at 4 a.m. after being told they'd play the whole night.

Good times...thanks again for the experience.


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There have been other great, well organized parties @ Therapy thrown by OTHER promoters. The Volume guys, the Aftadark guys and Tweak do a good job. Don't think whatever went wrong with the BREATHE party had anything to do with the venue or these other promoters.

It was a mess. Ede and I had to do a tag team because of time constraints. Definately not a reflection of how things usually run at Therapy when Volume, Tweak or Afterdark are doing a party.

Sorry for the bad experience Dres.


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It being my first time down there I really didn't know what to expect, and since I didn't really get any explanation that night or the following day in regards to the gig...I simply assumed it was either the venue or the promoter's foul up. And believe me, I'd heard good things about both, from people I trust here in Boston who've had chances to play at Therapy, so I'm sure it wasn't Volume or AftaDarks fault in anyway. I don't mean to point fingers, I'm just upset at what I had to deal with.


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I want to thank Jim, Ede and Rick for getting in touch with me so promptly and giving me and helping to clear the air somewhat. My post was written a bit rash and upset, but I understand that the way things were run this past weekend are not a reflection on Aftadark, Volume or Tweak Entertainment. Jim was not the one running the musical side of the night, there was a time management issue and the night was became very disorganized since we all had heard different stories about what time we were playing.


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