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I just want to let everyone know that i was ready to play @ therapy!!!!!

i cant believe that they said i was a no-show...

jimmy contacted my manager for me to play @ therapy.

My manager had a few conversations with him, but in the end he and the club never came through with either a depostit,a signed contract, and never retuned phone calls or e-mails regarding the date two weeks prior to the event....NO PHONE CALLS!!!! NO FAXES!!!!! NO E-MAILS!!!!!

Even if the date was still going to happen there was no phone call the day of from anyone from the club to confirm that i had transportation to the club which the club usually sets up.

I have played there before and they were a lot more professional in the past. so i just wanted to let you know that it was false advertisement and you should all ask for your money back if you were expecting to see me there on that date!!!!

It is unfair to me to hold a date, and for you the clubbers to be expecting a dj or talent when the promoters and people at the club know that you are paying money to enter and blame it on the talent as a no show.

I love to dj and I love to play music, I have never been a no show to any club in my life except once when there was a hurricane and i couldn't fly....

I have traveled around the world to make my DJ sets happen and I haven't missed one of them I feel that Providence, RI is just as important any other gig in the world. I have had a great time up there in the past and I wouldn't have missed it. Please pass this on to any of your friends that have gone or anyone that you see out that went to this event.

i am not happy the way this went down but there are greedy people that are out there that will try to make an extra $$$ by misleading you and this is one example.

please check for my upcoming dates on johnnyvicious.com. these dates are official.

sorry about the spelling.. im just really pissed that i was looked at as a no-show... thats bullshit!!!!!!!

thanks and have a happy holiday

love ya all


my e-mail is :[email protected]

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