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NY girly visiting from 2/18-2/20


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What's up, I am visiting my best friend in Beantown for my birthday and I want to check out the scene in Boston. I know a lot of Boston people come down to NY, so I'm hoping you can give me some advice on where to go while I'm in Boston. I like big clubs, like Crobar and Spirit in NY, and I am a househead, so preferably no trance or only hip-hop places please. I've heard there's a lack of guidos in Boston, but if there's any place to find them that would be good too ;) Any advice would be appreciated!

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Friday night At Avalon is great for good house music. I'll be spinning that night actually, with the other residents Randy Deshaies and Alex Whalen...I can get you on a guestlist if you choose, and theres alwasy a fair amount of guidos there if thats your thing;)

If afterhours is your thing, theres a top notch club here called RISE, which is members only, that consistently brings in top notch local and guest DJ talents. Friday night the 18th has Bill Harmonic & Kevin Nazty (Boston) with an opening set by Rolland Ess(Boston)

If you are interested in either or both, shoot me a PM.



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